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Black Crow Fundraising Information

 Let Black Crow help your group or organization earn money through a candle fundraiser. Candles have become the “fundraiser of choice” because the products are EASY TO SELL. 

Our handmade candles are one of the best fundraiser products, and here’s why: Many times the products that customers receive are smaller than shown or not worth the price. We don't ask you to sell our product at a “marked-up amount” in order to give you money, You sell them at what we sell them for, only you make $3.00 from each candle sold. Your group will be offering the some of the very best scented candle's on the market! Your fundraiser will totally stand out among the rest so... offer your group something they’ll be proud to sell to their family and friends, and once they've burnt our candles, they'll ask for them again, were sure of it!! Choose 12 of your favorite scents and We'll provide you with your own customized selling sheets.

Why a Black Crow Candle Fundraiser?

* Big profits, small effort

* Easy sell

* Hand-poured candles, made here in the USA

* Great product

* Great value

* Money Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied!

* No inventory or leftover merchandise that didn’t sell.

Our candles are long lasting, slow burning, and scented to the very bottom, creating one of the best candles on the market today. Each candle is hand rolled, coated and labeled resulting in a very primitive and distinctive look. You will not only love the primitive look our candles bring to your home, but the scent will fill your home with their unbelievable fragrances!

Call us and start earning money today!