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Black Crow Candle Co.

Unfortunately at this time there is a jar shortage in the US due to Covid-19. We are doing our best to get supplies in.  We appreciate your patience at this time. We have temporarily removed products from our website that have been affected by the supply shortage. We will get them back up and available as soon as we get those jars in.  For those that have orders already placed, we will send what we have available and back order the rest or we can adjust your order to what we do have in stock. 

We are currently 5 weeks out

Our candles are long lasting, slow burning, and scented to the very bottom, creating one of the best candles on the market today. Each candle is hand rolled, coated and labeled resulting in a very primitive and distinctive look. You will not only love the primitive look our candles bring to your home, but the scent will fill your home with their unbelievable fragrances!

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